Alejandro is a veteran pilot who has dedicated his life to flying through the skies. On the verge of retirement, Alejandro is blackmailed by the intelligence services of his country in exchange for not revealing anything to the Airport Security Police about a serious medical condition that would hasten his retirement. His mission will be to carry some bags from Buenos Aires to Madrid on his commercial flights without asking any questions. Curious about the mysterious contents of the suitcases, Alejandro will plunge into a world of intrigue and corruption that will put his life and those he loves at risk while trying to escape from the trouble he got into.

Guillermo Francella in LA EXTORSION.
Guillermo Francella in LA EXTORSION.

Director: Martino Zaidelis

Starring: Guillermo Francella, Pablo Rago, Andrea Frigerio, Guillermo Arengo, Carlos Portaluppi, Monica Villa

Production companies: Particular Crowd, 100 Bares, Infinity Hill

In association with Cimarrón

Produced by: Axel Kuschevatzky, Muriel Cabeza

Executive producers: Tomás Yankelevich, Peter Bevan, Mariana Sanjurjo, Juan José Campanella, Cindy Teperman, Camilo Antolini, Phin Glynn, Martino Zaidelis

Coproducers: Roxana Dellochio, Fernando Rendón, Patricio Rabuffetti, Hernán Musaluppi, Santiago López

Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures