Oscars 2023: Best International Film – nominee

80th Golden Globe Awards Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language (Winner)

76th BAFTA (British Academy) film awards – Best film not in the English language (Nominee)

37th Goya Awards – Best Latin American Film – Winner

10th Platino Awards – Best Film, Cine y Educación en Valores Award, Best Actor (Ricardo Darin), Best Production Design, Best Screenplay – Winner

Best director, Best Actor (Peter Lanzani), Best Supporting Actor (Carlos Portaluppi and Norman Briski), Best Supporting Actress (Alejandra Fletchner), Best Score, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Sound (Nominees)

28th Critics Choice Awards – Best Foreign Language (Nominee)

79th Venice International Film Festival – Fipresci Award – Best film Official International competition

79th Venice International Film Festival – Official International competition

79th Venice International Film Festival – Signis special mention

70th San Sebastian International Film Festival – Pearls – Best Film Audience Award

San Sebastian 70th pearls
San Sebastian 70th pearls

National Board Of Review (NBR): Freedom of Expression AwardTop five International Film (Winner)

Ariel awards – Best Ibero-American film – Winner

66th BFI London Film Festival – Official competition

BFI London Film Festival 2022

43rd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema – Havana, Cuba: Best screenplay – Best actor (Ricardo Darin) – Best production design – Winner

43rd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema – Havana, Cuba: Signis award Best Film

XI Macondo Awards 2023 – Best Iberoamerican Film – Winner

Satellite Awards- Best International Film (Nominee)

Las Vegas Film Critics Society (LVFCS): Best International Film (Nominee)

10th Annual Cine Latino MSP Film Festival – Minneapolis, MN, United States, Minnesota – Audience Award

La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival – France – Audience Award

Critics Choice 2nd Annual Celebration of Latino Cinema & Television Awards – Santiago Mitre – International Film Award (Winner)

Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos de España (Spain´s Writers Circle) – Best Foreign film (Nominee)

Forqué Awards (Spain) – Best Latin American Film (Nominee)

Best Foreign Language film – Hollywood Critics Association (Nominee)

Best Foreign Language film AARP Movies for Grown Ups Award (Nominee)

Best Foreign Language film North Texas Film Critics Association (Nominee)

Best Foreign Language film Círculo de escritores Cinematográficos de España (Film Writers’ Circle of Spain) (Nominee)

Best Latin American Film Asociación de Críticos de Cine del Uruguay (Winner)

International Film Festival of Panama (IFF Panama) – Best Film (Nominee)

Oslo Films from the South Festival – Best Film (Nominee)

Platino Awards – Pre-selection:

Best Ibero-American Film

PLATINUM Award for Cinema and Education in Values

Best Director: Santiago Mitre

Best Male Performance: Ricardo Darín

Best Male Performance: Peter Lanzani

Best Male Supporting Performance: Carlos Portaluppi

Best Supporting Male Performance: Norman Briski

Best Female Supporting Performance: Alejandra Flechner

Best Female Supporting Performance: Laura Paredes

Best Original Score: Pedro Osuna

Best Screenplay: Mariano Llinás, Santiago Miter

Best editing: Andrés Pepe Estrada

Best Production Design: Micaela Saiegh

Best Cinematography: Javier Juliá

Best Sound Design: Santiago Fumagalli

Alicia Olivera Award for Human Rights – Defensoría del Pueblo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Martin Fierro Digital Awards – Special Award

Condor Awards 2023: Best Film Best Director, Audience Award, Leading actor (Ricardo Darin), supporting actress (Laura Paredes), Supporting actor (Norman Briski), original screenplay, editing, costume design, production design, casting, rising new actor (Santiago Armas) and make up and hair (winner), Leading actor (Peer Lanzani), supporting actress (Alejandra Fletchner), Supporting actor (Carlos Portaluppi), music score, rising new actress (Gina Mastronicola) (nominee).