THE ISLANDS tells the story of the Falklands-Malvinas War of 1982 from the point
of view of the people who were there. With combatants and civilians from both sides
of a conflict, this definitive drama will depict the true human consequences of a
conventional war.
THE ISLANDS is a unique collaboration embracing a multi-lateral perspective,
utilising deeply immersive filmmaking techniques and will bring together writers and
filmmakers from both UK and Argentina. Writing is already underway with the
engagement of award-winning Argentine screenplay writer, Sebastian Rotstein (“El
Presidente” – Season II, “Morir de Amor”).
This is not a story of failed diplomacy or geo-politics, rather an epic portrayal of the
brutal realities they brought to a group of extraordinary human beings in a geography
that is as bafflingly remote as it is hostile. The story will depict firsthand personal
experiences of those who fought in the war, ranging from professional soldiers to
teenagers, some sent against their will and without any understanding of the dangers
The civilian stories include stranded French sailors confronting a real-life monster of
the war, two intrepid female natural history filmmakers and the people who call these
islands home trapped in the crossfire of war.

Stephen McDonogh for Lone Wolf Pictures (LWPL) said, “Backed by a vast amount
of research and a rich variety of sources, we have brought together an intricately
weaved ensemble of inspiring, emotional and thrilling stories of those caught in an
intense conflict of another age. Forty years on, those events seem terrifyingly relevant
to world affairs today. Guided always by truth, this definitive drama delivers a unique
perspective of the human cost of war on all sides. We are delighted to announce our
collaboration with Infinity Hill in realising this ambitious cinematic miniseries.”
“This war had an everlasting impact in my homeland, Argentina, in social, and
political terms,” adds Infinity Hills ́ Axel Kuschevatzky, “We feel the need to tell it
properly through the view of the people who faced an unthinkable and unparalleled
experience. Our biggest challenge is to do something nobody did before: to create an
authentic dramatic story embracing both perspectives of such defining moment in
The bravery and sacrifice of soldiers, airmen, sailors and submariners in this intense
74-day war has inspired a wealth of published works which LWPL has secured
exclusive rights to. A growing list of key military and civilian contributors are
working with the producer, including, at time of release:

Sir Max Hastings (War Correspondent) and Sir Simon Jenkins

“The Battle for the Falklands”
Cdr Sharkey Ward DSC, AFC (Sea Harrier Pilot)
“Sea Harrier Over The Falklands”
Cpl. Mark Ashton (SAS) and Stuart Toole
“SAS: Sea King Down”

Lt Cmdr. David Morgan DSC (Sea Harrier Pilot)
“Hostile Skies: Battle for the Falklands”
Pte. James O’Connell (3 Para)

“Three Days In June: 3 Para’s Battle for Mount Longdon”

Major Phil Neame (2 Para)

“Penal Company on the Falklands: A Memoir of the Parachute Regiment at War”
Cindy Buxton FRGS and Annie
Price (Nature filmmakers)

“Survival: South Atlantic” and Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE (Naval Helicopter Observer)

“Down South: A Falklands War Diary”.