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Viacom International Studios has ran an exclusive agreement with Intinity Hill, to develop and produce Spanish-language feature films. The partnership will focus on Spanish-language films shot across the globe with internationally known actors and directors, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

‘This deal empowers us to increase our development of high-quality, longform content generating more intellectual properties for Viacom International Studios’, said Federico Cuervo, SVP, Head of the company. ‘We know the talent of Infinity Hill’s producers and what they can bring to a studio like ours in terms of high-end content’, he added.

Founded in 2019 by producers Axel Kuschevatzky, Phin Glynn and Cindy Teperman, and with offices in London, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires, Infinity Hill develops and produces films in English and Spanish languages. Axel Kuschevatzky expressed himself on the agreement, and said that ‘for a rising film company like Infinity Hill, setting up a deal with such a giant as Viacom International Studios is a great opportunity and a marvelous way to create films aimed for both local and global audiences’. He also added that ‘Spanish is the second-most-spoken language in the world, with 460 million native speakers. So, there is a huge community there with a big demand for films in its own language’.

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